Lexplore Software Requirements

In order to perform testing of your pupils, you need to download Lexplore Testing Application and Tobii Eye Tracker service. Here is a list of the requirements.

Software required to be install to be able to use Lexplore Assessment

  • Lexplore Testing Application  - This Application is continuously developed with new features and is automatically updated. 
  • Tobii Eye Tracking Service - Lexplore provides two models of Tobii eye tracker; Tobii 4C and Tobii 5L. There is one service to download, and it has been designed to work with your eye tracker despite the model (4C or 5L) that you might be using. The Tobii Service software is not updated as frequently as the Lexplore Testing Application and will notify you when it's time to update.
  • DisplayLink USB Graphics Software – This is only needed if you are using a USB monitor.

⬆️All software can be found on portal.lexplore.com/install.

⬆️You need a user account and to be able to log in to access the install page


Other requirements on the PC are the following:

  • The Operating system needs to be Windows 10 Pro or Home (S Mode/Safe mode is not supported)
  • Application also requires an internet connection for the Examiners to login and for uploading recordings. Recordings are temporarily stored on the computer until the upload is completed. 
For IT Admin Only: 

Lexplore requires the installation of Tobii Service Software for the eye tracker to work. This is an MSI package that requires administrative privileges to install. We recommend that our customers distribute this through a software centre.

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