User Roles in Lexplore

Staff members within your organisation can be invited to different roles in the Lexplore Portal depending on what role they have at school. In this article, you will read more about the different roles you and your colleagues can have in Lexplore.

A member of staff can have one or many roles within your Lexplore organisation account. For instance, you can be both a Teacher and an Examiner.

Here we have specified all roles that exist and what features they come with.

Lexplore Portal Roles

  • Ambassador - This is the person that drives Lexplore within a school and makes sure that assessments are taking place, and that Teachers and Examiners have everything they need. When Ambassadors have questions about Lexplore they should first of all turn to the organisation's Project Manager. Features for this role:
    • Invite, update and edit other staff members in the team within the Portal.
    • Have a detailed view of all classes at school and their results.
    • Import, add and edit pupils.
    • View statistics on pupil level in the shcool they have access to.
    • Move results between pupils and delete results.
    • Export pupil data results.
  • Examiner - Is the one performing the assessments of pupils and making sure results are uploaded. Features for this role:
    • Assess pupils in the Lexplore Testing Application.
    • Invite staff and edit roles (except other Examiners, Ambassadors and Project Managers).
    • Import, add and edit pupils.
    • View statistics on pupil level in the school or organisation they have access to.
    • Export pupil data results.
    • Move results between pupils and delete results.
    • View books in the Library and recommend books and fluency material.

  • Headteacher - The headteacher can view the results of all pupils in the school they have access to. Features for this role:
    • View detailed results for every pupil in the school.
    • Able to see book and fluency recommendations. 
    • Export data about results from the school's classes.

  • Organisation Administrator - Is able to invite staff to Lexplore, add pupils, import classes and do all administrative work with user accounts.

  • Organisation Overview - Is able to see overall information about results for all schools in the organisation but cannot view individual pupils' results.

  • Project Manager - The Project Manager makes sure the cooperation with Lexplore works smoothly within the whole organisation. The project manager is the first person the Ambassadors should turn to when they need help in their school. Features for this role:
    • The Project Manager can perform all tasks the Ambassador and Examiner can, on organisation level.
    • Those with the Project Manager role, are the only ones (except for Lexplore staff) who can update staff members in the schools to Examiner status.

  • Teacher - The Teachers have access to one or several classes at the school. Features for this role:
    • View detailed results of pupils in the classes they have access to.
    • Recommend books and fluency material.
    • Give pupils access to Lexplores Reading Diary.
  • User Administrator - Anyone with this role can add and edit staff members. Features for this role:
    • View and edit staff members, except for those with the role of Ambassador, Examiner and Project Manager
    • Invite staff to the Lexplore portal
    • View the overall result of the school they have access to

If your organisation has an active SIS integration between Lexplore and the Student Information System, enabling synchronization of students, the manual handling of pupils is turned off for all roles having that feature. For instance, in those circumstances, it is not possible to manually add or import pupils, nor edit student names and so on. 

If you want to read more about updating existing roles or how to invite new staff members, please click on the links below:

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