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How do I import pupils via an Excel spreadsheet?

If you wish to add pupils to the Results Portal, we recommend using our Excel template for import. The template is available from within the Portal and can be downloaded to your laptop/PC.

Importing pupils en masse via Excel only needs to be done at the start of each academic year, or if you are new to Lexplore. Pupils must be imported into the Results Portal before assessments can take place within the Testing Application. 

The import can be carried out by users with the role of an Examiner or User Administrator. 

This article is very useful when importing pupils en masse. If instead, you wish to add just a few, or an individual pupil, that can be done manually in the Results Portal too. Read more here: How do I add a new or additional pupil in the Results Portal?

Here are the steps to follow for importing pupils into the Results Portal:

  1. Log into the Results Portal and make sure you select the current academic year.  Lexplore Results Portal

  2. If you are an Examiner or User Administrator for the entire organisation you will be able to see the "IMPORT PUPILS" - button on the first page:
  3. If you instead are an Examiner or User Admin of a specific school (which is more common), you will need to navigate to the school view.  A cog will appear in the upper right corner. Click on the cog.
  4. You will be directed to the Administration page, where you have the "IMPORT PUPILS"-button in the upper right corner. 
  5. Click “IMPORT PUPILS”. An Upload window will open.
  6. If needed, select "Download Excel template”.  The Lexplore Excel pupil template will then be downloaded to your computer. 
  7. Fill in all the data that is required. It is important that all columns and fields in the Excel template are completed correctly. Detailed instructions can be found within the template itself. You can also read more here: (Will add article)
  8. Once all the pupil data has been filled in, save the Excel file to your computer. Click the "IMPORT PUPILS" button again, and the Upload window will open.
  9. Click "CHOOSE EXCEL FILE" or drag the Excel file and drop it into the center of the Upload window.
  10. If the import fails, a warning will appear. Check the Excel file to ensure all columns and fields have been filled out correctly.

  11. Please see the articles below for more information and guidelines when experiencing an error trying to import pupils:

    Why will the pupil Excel spreadsheet not import into the Results Portal?

    What should I do when I get the message "Nothing to import" when importing pupil data into the Results Portal?
  12. Once the Excel file has been uploaded, a new window will open, listing the pupils you are trying to import. On occasion, extra warnings may appear. Check through the warnings. If you are ready to proceed, click "SAVE". Alternatively, update the Excel file where needed and import it again.
  13. Clicking "SAVE" imports the pupils into the Results Portal and the Lexplore Application.

The system will not process the file if:
  • The Excel spreadsheet is missing any of the columns (except Gender or Email Address, as these fields are optional)
  • The column headers are not written exactly as listed on the Excel template.

If your school is using the same UPNs as other schools in the organisation, you need to use an abbreviation of the school name as a prefix before all pupil UPNs.

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