Import staff to the Lexplore Portal

You can import staff en masse by uploading an Excel spreadsheet. The template for this is available in the Lexplore Portal.

When a new organisation has been created in the Lexplore Portal, it’s possible to import staff and your colleagues into the system en masse.

Follow these steps in order to import multiple users (staff/colleagues):

1.  Log in to the Lexplore Portal and click on the cog in the upper right corner. Lexplore Portal

2. You will now see this view:


4. A window will open offering you two options  1. Download Excel Template: Choose this option to populate the Excel spreadsheet with the data of your colleagues that you wish to import, or 2. CHOOSE EXCEL FILE: Choose this option if you have filled out the Excel template with all data and you only need to import it. 

You may also want to check: How to populate Excel-spreadshet for Staff Import


5. Once you have chosen a file to upload, you will see a summary of the list that will be imported.

6. Click SAVE to import all those users. 

Invitations will be sent out automatically after clicking SAVE. 

Roles that can be imported this way are Teachers, Examiners and Headteachers.  After the upload these roles can be manually updated or changed in the Lexplore Results Portal under Administration.

Existing users will be updated automatically.

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