What does the Pupil status mean?

The pupils in the Lexplore Portal are displayed with a status that anyone with access to the class is able to see. The status explains what phase each pupil is in: if the pupil has been assessed, has a recording that needs to be reviewed, etc.

The different statuses shown on pupil in the Lexplore Portal. Visable both in class list and on pupil profile.


  • Analysis not possible - The pupil has received a result where the recording was not approved and therefore the result cannot be analyzed. Additional information can be found in this article: What does "Analysis not possible" mean?
  • In progress - An assessment of the pupil is currently underway.
  • Missing  - The pupil does not have any saved data (results) from assessments.
  • Planned - The pupil has an upcoming assessment or other activity planned.
  • Planned for test - If the pupil has the status Planned for testing, it means the pupil is planned for assessments in Lexplore's Testing Application. Pupils with this status are moved to the top of the class list in the Application.
  • Published - The results from the pupil's assessment are uploaded and published in Lexplore's Results Portal.
  • Review needed by Examiner - The result has been uploaded to the Lexplore Portal but an Examiner should review the result. This is often due to unusually high or low reading speeds. If you want to read more we have gathered detailed information in this article: Recordings in need of review.
  • Results pending - If you see this text on a pupil profile in the class list, it usually means there are several recordings saved during the same assessment. An Examiner will need to review the assessment and possibly remove recordings that are not relevant. More information can be found in this article: What does Results pending mean?
  • Test session finalised - The test session has ended and the pupil's results have been uploaded to the Lexplore Results Portal.
  • Under review - The recording deviates from the norm and is reviewed by an Examiner.

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